Project Update: Text Analysis

I’ve been working on my project making sure that everything is running properly and everything that I wanted to include is included. For one of the sections on my website I am using the text analysis tools we learned about in class to compare the work of Geoffrey Chaucer to other contemporary English authors. As part of my research I’ve found that some of the other popular English authors from the late 14th and early 15th century were William Langland, John Gower, and Julian of Norwich. I’ve found some versions of each of these authors’ texts as well as some of Chaucer’s other work.  I think that is interesting that with quite a few authors writing in the English language around the same time, that Chaucer is the one that is most associated with the growth of vernacular literature in England. Maybe comparing these authors with these text analysis tools can give part of the answer.

In order to input these texts into Voyant Tools for the text analysis I have to take each of them and put them into notepad so I can get rid of all of the extra stuff (like editors notes, or anything that isn’t the original authors words). This process can be quite tedious. Most of these texts have hundreds or thousands of lines, and combing through each of these to get rid of any parts where the editor or translator provides definitions or context takes quite a while. After doing about 4 or 5 of these, I am beginning to think that the preparing of these texts for Voyant Tools is probably the most time consuming and least exciting part of the project so far.

Project Update: Text Analysis

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